We’re very happy with our Optimas program … when another line feed comes in, we trust Optimas' customer service and delivery assurance. They free up our floor space and their onsite team is like an extension of ours.
Line Leader, Transportation Manufacturer

Efficient and flexible solutions for powerful products

Customers in the transportation industry depend on Optimas to help them work smarter and more efficiently at every turn. Working closely with each customer, we design impactful supply chain programs that harness lean practices in order to meet challenging and fluctuating industry demands. Our expert engineers – engaged throughout the design and implementation process – have a track record of successfully assisting in the development of safer and lighter locomotives.

Industry engagement highlights:

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the fluctuating life cycles inherent to the transportation market.
  • We design unique solutions packages, customized to meet and service individual business needs and goals.
  • We take a proactive, integrated approach to partnership.
  • We have the flexibility to scale operations, allowing us to tackle any challenge that your business may face in the future.
years of service

Optimas has provided solution to the transportation market for over 25 years.


Optimas supplies over 33 million parts per year to customers in the transportation market.

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