"I am continuing to learn to be the best advisor to my customers that I can be."


My experience at Optimas has been EXCITING! It has been very fast paced since the first minute I stepped into my role. For example, on my second day, my manager and I flew to San Luis Potosí to meet with one of our most important global customers—an industrial engine manufacturer. It was challenging, but it also made me realize that there's always something going on, even if you are the "new kid on the block," and that is probably what I like the most at Optimas.


I go into every conversation with a simple plan: Listen.


Every time I am in front of the customers I get that rewarding feeling from knowing that they trust me and Optimas. The way I try to make an impact for our customers is by always taking the time to listen. I also work hard to identify and share with them our findings to transform the current picture based on our expertise. We always strive to make recommendations that will take them to a better future. This is why I feel that I'm more of a advisor than a sales rep. I enjoy my job so much that I could do this job for free—but my two little girls and my family probably don't feel the same way I do!


I play a lot of soccer. Soccer taught me teamwork and collaboration toward a common objective, and it constantly demands that you make smart decisions under pressure.