Building an EV fastener strategy from the ground up

The age of the Electric Vehicle (EV) is here. Electrification has reached every corner of the automotive industry and even working its way into the commercial and off-road sectors. Optimas has been working with leading OEMs across the industry to develop the perfect fastener strategies to add value to any new project.

1. Identify the challenges

EV design is at the forefront of technology. Even OEMs with 100 years of experience building cars are starting fresh. Finding a partner who understands and can overcome the challenges of building an electric vehicle could mean the difference between being first to market or another ‘Me Too’ follow up.

2. Engineer fasteners from the start

Optimas worked with LEVC from the initial design phase of the latest TX London Taxi. This allowed the manufacturer to specify engineered fasteners from the early prototyping phase. We were able to source 2,000+ engineered components and have the supply chain ready to prevent production delays.

3. Isolation of current

Innovative insulated fasteners will be required to ensure that electrical systems stay isolated within a vehicle. Optimas is able to source fasteners with special coatings (such as NyshieldTM) to stop metal on metal contact once installed.

4. Material consideration

Nothing is more important to the success of an electric car than its range. In an effort to keep chassis weight down, manufacturers are introducing lightweight alloys and carbon fibre. Each material has its own design challenge when specifying suitably fastener technology. These are challenges we’ve been overcoming for 20 years through our partnerships with supercar manufacturers.

5. Find a partner who adds value

Ok, this step isn’t unique to the EV market. Optimas has over 50 years of experience working alongside some of the world’s biggest automotive brands. From component standardization, to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services and Direct Line Feed (DLF) delivery; we are able to deliver quantifiable savings.

Talk to an EV expert

Optimas has a proven track record in the EV market. Email us with details of your project and one of our industry specialists will be in touch.